Maija Louekari

Born in 1982, award-winning Finnish designer Maija Louekari received her Master's in design and B.A. in interior decoration from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. The aspiring artist got her big break in 2003 after winning a Marimekko design competition for her Hetkiä (Moments) pattern, which captures the hustle and bustle of life at Esplanadi Park in Helsinki. It is everyday moments like these that inspire Louekari, and the people and sensations around her constantly generate ideas in her mind for the next big thing.


Now working full time for Marimekko, Maija Louekari has become a favorite of many with her unique works that merge sketch-like lines with bold, colorful shapes and marry urban and natural life. Her prints tend to be large-scale, giving them the potential to become beautiful statement pieces as curtains or wall art. In fact, a dream of hers is to one day see one of the designs plastered on the side of a giant building. Until then, Louekari can feel proud knowing that her designs have graced numerous surfaces, from dinnerware, to shower curtains, phone covers and much, much more.


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